Islam in Jamaica: One woman's story
Jamaica Gleaner

By Jamaica Gleaner
Published on 02/14/2009

Tijani has been married to her husband for 26 years. For her, marriage means family. She met her husband in Nigeria through her husband's cousins. He was ready to settle down, she was ready to settle down and, through planned meetings and common interests, they struck a love match and made their marriage work. She now has children and has achieved a respectable position in her family and in Islam.

"The mother is the most respected person in the family. She holds the highest position in the children's lives," Tijani said.

Islam encourages men and women to take their roles seriously. Both are considered equal in Allah's (God) eyes. As a woman, Tijani is in charge of her husband's property, including clothing, food, well-being and the home. And when children come into the picture, it is the woman's responsibility to look after them while the husband provides for them.

"He knows mummy is there for me."

Muslim women can have jobs and hire a helper to help with the household chores, as long as her duty to her family isn't sacrificed.