One of our liegelord Hassan ibn Thabit's funeral eulogies

Trans. GF Haddad - Muharram 1429 /January 2008

---- ---- -- -- ----

What ails my sleepless eyes, as if

their corners dyed not with kohl but inflamed


In shock over the Guided One buried this morning?

O Best of those who trod the ground, do not go far!


May my flank protect you from dust! Dear grief! Would

that I were hid from view before you in Baqi' of the boxthorns.

Boxthorn is a large, prickly shrub


Am I to stay, after you've gone, in Madina among them?

Grief of my soul! Would I had never been born.


My father and mother be his ransom whose death I witnessed

On the week's second day, the well-guided Prophet!


I linger after his death turning my face to the right and left

Would I were told to drink the foulest poison


Or that Allah's command came fast to pass for us

On that day we experienced, or the same evening or next morn.


We would then rise on the same hour and meet the Fragrant One - Most Pure!
the strong son of his father, the noble-faced one!


Amina's firstborn of blessed memory!

She of pure parentage gave birth to you among the happy Sa'd


As a light illuminating all creation!

Whoever is brought to that blessed light is truly guided


Our Lord, reunite us therefore once and for all with our Prophet

in a Garden that blunts the eyes of envy,


In the Garden of Firdaws, decree it so for us,

Owner of Majesty, Exaltation and Lordship!


And, O Allah, hear what I do greet you with:

Lo! I do weep over the Prophet Muhammad!


The lands grow narrower for the Helpers, now

their faces are thrashed with antimony's hue.


Indeed we gave birth to him, among us is his grave!

The surplus of his favour to us cannot be denied.


The blessings of The God and those around His Throne

and the pure ones upon the Blessed One, Ahmad


Even if Yathrib's Christians and its Jews gloated

when he was covered in the side-niched grave.


---- -- -- -- - --- - -

From -Diwan Sayyidina Hassan ibni Thabit radya Allahu 'anh- (Tunis:

Matba'at al-Dawlat al-Tunisiyya, 1281/1864) p. 25.