Zimeena grateful upon receiving her exam score
Ulema uddin
Articles authored by traditional Ulema of Dinul Islam 
By Ulema uddin
Published on 07/6/2008
Georgetown June 30 2008:

As reported in Guyana Chronicle:

Outgoing, brave, and sensitive Zimeena Rasheed gives credit to Mr. Wilfred Success of West Ruimveldt Primary School at C. V. Nunes Primary School for her success.   She said her best subjects are mathematics, science, and she like participating in debates and dramatic poetry.

She said that by phone Mr Success, a close friend of the grandmother, would discuss the various areas of study with her, sometimes for long periods.

Like her classmate her parents are to decide whether they would further their education in the city.

As reported in Starbroek News:

Eleven-year-old Zimeena Rasheed of Queenstown, Essequibo Coast, and pupil of CV Nunes Primary, who is also in fifth place, told Stabroek News that she feels contented since she worked very hard towards her success. The confident and well spoken Zimeena said she took extra lessons and studied early in the mornings leading up to her exams. She said her siblings along with her parents stayed up late and encouraged her throughout her studies.

She said the exams were not all easy; Science, Mathematics and English were okay, but Social Studies was very challenging.

Zimeena expressed sincere gratitude to her family, teacher and friends. She also congratulated her colleague, top pupil Yogeeta Persaud, with whom she had always competed.