Sayyid Rajab excited about his exam results
Ulema uddin
Articles authored by traditional Ulema of Dinul Islam 
By Ulema uddin
Published on 07/6/2008
Georgetown June 30 2008:

As reported in the Guyana Chronicle:  “I am happy, excited and most, of all shocked,” were the first words of 12 year-old Sayyid Rajab after he was told that he was placed second among the country’s top 10 candidates.

This young man, who attends the Isa Islamic School, walked away with a total of 556 of a possible of 578. This aspiring scientist said he was always confident that he would excel at the examination because of his preparation but did not expect to place among the country’s top 10.

“In all my exams I would place first or second. I never went below that so I knew that I would have done well,” young Sayyid said. However despite being placed at one of the country’s top secondary schools, Sayyid said he would rather stay at his current school.

“I want to stay here because I wouldn’t want to leave my friends and because of the Islamic teachings,” he added. He said he owes his success to his parents and his class teacher.

As reported in the Starbroek News:

The reality of placing second in the country was yet to sink in for Sayyid Rajab, who was speechless for a brief period, but got talking after colleagues and teachers at his school started praising his performance. "I am shocked and happy to say the least. This is a great moment and after working so hard for it, I am really excited. I was told that I could top the country but I am happy with what I got," the 12-year-old Better Hope, East Coast Demerara resident said.

Sayyid said he had many late nights that often ended at midnight but according to him, it was not all work. He also spent time playing table tennis, watched an occasional television programme and surfed the internet.

He joined the Isa Islamic School from the nursery school level and is grateful to all his teachers for the hours and the extra effort they put into his schooling. Sayyid named his parents; Shakira Jameel and Gregory Rajab as his biggest supporters but he praised Allah for guiding him through it. Though he is unsure as to which career path he will take, the young man said that it will definitely be something in the field of science because that is the subject he enjoys the most.

As he spoke with Stabroek News, Sayyid's colleagues kept showing up and congratulating him, and one child remarked that if this is what it means to come second in the country then he will aim for the same.