Muslims in Latin America
Laura Mansfield

By Laura Mansfield
Published on 06/5/2008

Allah sent the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to convey the message of Islam to all mankind. Islam is the fastest growing religion on earth and it has already reached all the corners of our world, even Latin America.

Although some modern scientists and historians have presented strong evidence that Muslims arrived in the Americas and established communities and trade there before the Europeans even knew of its existence, the Muslims who now live in Latin America and the Caribbean are not the descendents of those early explorers.

There are basically three different groups of Muslims in Latin America: (1) the descendents of workers from the Indian subcontinent taken to the Caribbean; (2) more recent immigrants from Muslim countries; and (3) new Muslim converts, mostly former Christians and some who converted from Hinduism.

Unlike Europe, where the Muslim population is increasing mostly due to immigration and high birth rates, Islam is growing in Latin America mostly due to conversion.